Ryan Stevens

I had been suffering with back and neck pain from poor posture from a desk job and scoliosis. Cain was highly recommended to me by a number of people and was incredibly accommodating when I asked to book my first appointment. During the assessment, Cain was able to quickly identify the cause of my discomfort and spent the remainder of the session working on my neck and lower back to relieve a lot of the strain that was present. At the end of the session I had considerably more mobility in my neck movement, my upper body felt lighter and allowed me to hold my posture much better. He advised that my neck would require further treatment, and again was very accommodating in looking at future sessions. I would highly recommend Cain as a professional, friendly osteopath with evident deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the treatment of a wide variety of muscle and joint pain, who instantly made me feel at ease and provided me with much needed pain relief.