We take care of your body…

Petersfield Osteopathic Centre was established over 30 years ago by Terry Alldridge because he believed strongly that we all deserve to enjoy the best of long-term health.

But of course, not everything is under our control, and most of us will at some point suffer an injury or develop chronic aches and pains.

back-muscle-painWe work on all types of musculo-skeletal problems, this includes any aches and pains that are mechanical in origin, from Headaches to Tennis Elbow, Low Back Ache, Sciatica, Neck Pains, Sports Injuries, Arthritic or postural problems and childhood development issues as well as mechanical issues in pregnancy.

We can keep these to a minimum though by making sure our bodies – and our minds – are as active as possible.

We work with people of all ages – including children and the elderly – to help them maintain their bodies, prevent problems and overcome everyday aches and pains that even the fittest among us can encounter.


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