Yes, very much so.In fact they will respond much quicker to treatment as their bodies heal faster anyway and osteopathic treatment is just a way of facilitating the healing process.So often kids will complain of pains and as parents we often do not take them seriously and aches and pains are passed off by the medics as ‘growing pains’ or the kid is just trying to gain attention.But they can have sprains and strains just like us but also they are growing and so it is essential to correct any stresses on the system before it alters the development or becomes something that cannot be changed.

Treatment can be very gentle and children respond really quickly and well to treatment.This does not have to cranial treatment which is very commonly the approach of choice, and problems dealt with early, can avoid huge issues when the child is fully developed.If you are unsure if your child needs treatment just ask to bring them in for a short consultation and we will be able to tell you if they may gain benefit.

Equally if you feel your child would benefit from cranial treatment; we have practitioners who use this approach,just ask.