Can osteopathy work on feet?

Yes we are generally very good at helping with the wide range of conditions and problems people can get with their feet.

Your feet have to be very strong,and there are 2 arches that keep the  sole of the foot from being flat on the floor.These are the longitudinal and transverse arches.Both can be the cause for foot problems and thus pain. If the longitudinal arch starts to collapse this is know as a flat foot or over pronation, which can cause a lot of pain,and this can be helped; some people never develop this arch and have flat-feet from their teens, which does not usually cause them any pain.When the transverse arch fails,it is known as dropped metatarsal arch,which can feel like you are walking on a pebble;it can be very painful,and can be associated with Plantar faciitits.All these can be helped by treatment and useful advise given.Often after a simple sprained ankle the swelling does not fully disappear and the joint never sits right which can then lead to achilles problems or calf strains,and yet the original injury can be helped by manipulation.

Osteopaths will often work closely with podiatrists and can resolve many of the chronic pains and difficulties of the foot and ankle.Equally we will often look at the foot mechanics as the underlying cause of knee, hip or lowback issues.