Teresa Bates

I was suffering with some neck and back pain after a recent house move and lots of stress at work. I used to work with Cain and know many of my colleagues had been treated him so I decided to give Cain a call. Being a larger lady and lockdown taking its toll, I was a little nervous about visiting with my neck and back pain but I really wanted the pain to be eased. It was becoming unbareable. Cain did a little examination of my back and neck and he discovered a rib right at the top had become out of line and I had a frozen shoulder which was probably brought on by all the stress of work and homelife. I have had about 5 sessions with Cain now, Cain did not make me feel uncomfortable about my size at all, just wanted to help relieve my pains which he has done. I have followed Cain's advise with a small exercise I can easily do at home and Cain has recommended a further visit in around 4 months time unless I need him in the meantime, in which case, all I have to do is call. Thank you so much Cain